Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats
Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats
Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats
Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats

Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats

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Cat fishing in all forms is getting more popular with devotees only targeting this enigmatic species. It is not difficult to see the attraction for the European catfish or Wels due to the size it grows and it’s hard fighting qualities. Catching these from the bank where boats are not permitted demands special rods with sufficient backbone but also gently loading actions to cope with large baits and hard battling fish.

The new Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats have been designed for Cat fishing in the U.K. and overseas where casting is required and for sport with Cats to 100lb or so. We have developed three models, 10’, 11’ and 12’ for a variety of situations with the 11’ being the best all-rounder. These rods utilise our ‘S’-Range 3k carbons with ‘Perdurable’ finish with full hard EVA fore grips and rear handles, Fuji DPS-M20 reel seats and ‘S’-Lite 4 leg cradle guides for strength, these Bank Cats have already found favour with Cat specialists in U.K. and Europe.

Tamer ‘S’ Bank Cats

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Tamer ‘S’ 10’ 5lb 436g RCTS551 Fuji DPS M20 Cradle 40-12tip
Tamer ‘S’ 11’ 5lb 469g RCTS552 Fuji DPS M20 Cradle 40-12tip
Tamer ‘S’ 12’ 5lb 495g RCTS553 Fuji DPS M20 Cradle 40-12tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted.

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