Spirit Specialist & Spirit Barbel
Spirit Specialist & Spirit Barbel
Spirit Specialist & Spirit Barbel

Spirit Specialist & Spirit Barbel

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These new additions made in our ‘E’-Class SEA-3k carbon material are rods not to be missed. The Spirit Specialist rods are light for fishing small rivers for Chub, Roach and small Barbel or for Tench and Bream fishing on stillwaters. The Spirit Barbel rods are slightly heavier and lend themselves to heavier river work. Having said that, the tip bends nicely in both and they are relatively progressive allowing the use of light hook links for shy biting fish.

The rods feature a unique 3k weave with ‘Perdurable’ finish meaning we do not cover the carbon with paints and lacquers to conceal any imperfections but rather ensure the blanks are finished and precision ground so you can admire the quality of material and finish for years to come. This also makes them very durable and immune from the usual scratches, dints and bleaching of other rods.

The rods are sold with only the Avon top section with a quiver top section available to purchase separately which comes with 3 quiver tips.

Featuring a clone reel seat in the same SEA-3k carbon and full cork handle with stainless steel butt cap and collars, and ‘S’-Lite guides with gun-smoke frames, they are a great new addition to our now extensive range of specialist rods.

Spirit Specialist & Spirit Barbel

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Spirit Specialist 11’ 1½lb 182g RSS529 Clone SEA-3k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip
Spirit Specialist 12’ 1½lb 268g RSS530 Clone SEA-3k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip
Spirit Barbel 12’ 1¾lb 294g RSB531 Clone SEA-3k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip
Spirit Barbel 12’ 2¼lb 302g RSB532 Clone SEA-3k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip

Rods can be built to individual specification.

Spirit Specialist Quiver Tops

Model Rod g Code Quiver Tips Guides
Quiver Top for 11’ 1½lb xxxg SSQ293/4 1g/2c/3c ‘S’-Lite 16-6tip
Quiver Top for 12’ 1½lb/1¾lb xxxg SSQ295/6 1g/2c/3c ‘S’-Lite 16-6tip
Quiver Top for 12’ 2¼lb xxxg SSQ297 1g/2c/3c ‘S’-Lite 16-6tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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