‘S’ Range Special Pike Rods
‘S’ Range Special Pike Rods
‘S’ Range Special Pike Rods
‘S’ Range Special Pike Rods

‘S’ Range Special Pike Rods

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The Pike Tamers have long been popular rods amongst the predator fraternity but we had calls for a top end pike rod range to suit those that dedicate themselves to Esox Lucius. These were needed to suit both bank and boat work and so the ‘S’ Range Special Pikes were born.

Using our 36t low resin Japanese carbon enabled the right action to be produced to give the rod a more progressive action yet retain backbone where needed. The blank is light for its test curve but very strong and is finished in 3k weave all the way to the tip. A Fuji DPS M18 reel seat sits between the elongated cork foregrip and full rear grip with these finished with stainless steel collars. Guides are our ‘S’-Lites and the tip features a ‘braid tip’ guide for use with braided as well as mono lines. Rods features 40mm starting guides for casting with fixed spools but can be wrung for multiplier work if required. These are hand built in the UK with full custom service available.

The Bank Pike Specials offer good casting action with the delights of fish playing and are very suitable all-rounders and available in 11’ and 12’. With an effective test curve around 4lb and more progressive action these can handle big baits such as mackerel with ease.

The Boat Pike Specials are offered in 10’ and 11’ and are built to withstand heavy use when afloat – the 11’ being well suited to casting as well as trolling to fish away from the boat when anchored. Handles on these are a little shorter than the Bank Pikes to make using in the boat more convenient.

These rods have been extensively tested on some challenging waters including big lochs in Scotland and Ireland and large trout reservoirs such as Chew.

Pike Specials

Model Blank g Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘S’ Range Special Bank Pike 11’ 212g 347g RPS524 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
‘S’ Range Special Bank Pike 12’ 251g 385g RPS525 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
‘S’ Range Special Boat Pike 10’ 156g 288g RPS526 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
‘S’ Range Special Boat Pike 11’ 188g 323g RPS527 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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