‘S’ Range Marker Rods
‘S’ Range Marker Rods
‘S’ Range Marker Rods
‘S’ Range Marker Rods

‘S’ Range Marker Rods

Code: RMR4

These Marker rods are made from the same Low Resin 36t Carbon with a 3k weave throughout like the ‘S’ Range of rods and with the ‘Perdurable’ blank finish.

Using such a high quality carbon makes the rod lighter to use and aids accuracy at all ranges and the low resin content means the action is preserved for much longer despite the continual overloading of the blank caused by the use of large marker float setups and big leads. As with all Free Spirit rods they are built on the spine which helps ensure they cast more accurately and last longer.

The end of the tip is deliberately made less responsive so will transmit more feel. It also helps to prevent the lead being bounced over key features.

Finished with a Clone reel seat in 3k, stainless steel collars and butt cap and shrink rubber / EVA butt grip and ‘S’-Lite guides, the rod is 12’ with test curve of around 3¾lb.

Since Free Spirit was the first company to produce a dedicated Marker rod over 20 years ago now we have a lot of experience in making these rods meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

‘S’ Range Marker Rod

Model Blank g Rod Code Reel Seat Guides
‘S’ Range Marker Rod 12’- 50mm 281g xxxg RMR491-50 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
‘S’ Range Marker Rod 12’- 40mm 281g xxxg RMR491-40 Clone 3k ‘S’-Lite 40-16tip

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