‘S’-Lite SPM Rods
‘S’-Lite SPM Rods
‘S’-Lite SPM Rods
‘S’-Lite SPM Rods

‘S’-Lite SPM Rods

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To achieve similar casting distances with arguably the most important rod carried – the marker rod – requires the use of high quality carbons and we manufacture these with exactly the same quality as used in the carp rod range bearing the same look namely the C626 carbon.

Due to the added drag created by float and lead we favour rods with more backbone but they still retain responsive tips for casting and feature finding. As such we feel these actions can be made equally suitable for use as Spod rods as they are for marker work and hence these are called SPM rods (Spod / Marker rods).

Since tips are responsive they load quickly making them perfect for accurate casting with smaller spods and Spombs™ at shorter ranges but powerful for casting larger spods and Spombs™ over greater distances. All rods feature 12” and 24” depth marks and Fuji DNPS-M20 reel seats, stainless steel collars and butt caps and ‘S’-Lite black framed guides with 50mm starting guide. Since these can be custom built other options are available to order.

As with all Free Spirit rods they are built on the spine which helps ensure they cast more accurately and last longer.

‘S’-Lite SPM Rods

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘S’-Lite SPM Rod 12’- 50mm 312g RSPM581-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite SPM Rod 13’- 50mm 364g RSPM582-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

These can be built to individual requirements.

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