'S'-Lite Carp Rods
'S'-Lite Carp Rods
'S'-Lite Carp Rods
'S'-Lite Carp Rods
'S'-Lite Carp Rods

'S'-Lite Carp Rods

Code: RSL

Periodically new materials become available and we are always keen to test these to understand their properties and potential benefits. Our philosophy is to thoroughly push these but they have to offer something special that will stand the test of time. Over a period of 18 months we have tested three such new carbons and were very impressed with the performance and properties of a material with the code C626.

This new material enable us to build very strong slim blanks, with very efficient recovery, reminiscent of our Hi-‘S’ range but with a new, unique look – thus was born the ‘S’-Lite. However don’t be fooled by the name as in testing the casting versions were capable of truly impressive distances, testament to the loading response and fast recovery this material lends to the rods. The slimness of the blank helps with this but the carbon has to b high quality not to feel tip heavy.

As with all Free Spirit rods the finish has to be cosmetically attractive and different and the weave is quite stunning and as usual features our ‘Perdurable’ finish. To compliment the 40t low resin ultra slim blank is a new Fuji reel seat – the TVSM which features open sides and we fit a carbon sleeve of the same material as the blank to help transmission through the seat to the hand. Guides feature black frames since the blank has a dark finish and all fittings are stainless steel for durability.

For the full cork version we have developed a Clone seat with isotope slot from C626 carbon as this was cosmetically more appealing when fitted with ‘A’ grade cork both sides.

Since the ‘S’-Lites can be custom built this seat can be used on abbreviated builds should you prefer this.

A word about the casting versions of the ‘S’-Lite range - we have used the ‘ive name for both the 12’ and 13’ rods which we don’t do lightly! This was since the performance and feel was close to that of the Hi-’S’ives, which have become top sellers and offer great casting but with exceptional fish playing – Sl’ives offer slightly reduced performance but at a significantly reduced price.

As with many rods we offer we can build ‘S’-Lites to your requirement using a number of different guides, fittings and handle options – please see the custom options section of this website for details.

‘S’-Lite Abbreviated

Model Blank g Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3lb xxxg 311g RSL574 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 40-12tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3lb - 50mm xxxg 325g RSL574-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3¼lb - 50mm 200g 341g RSL575-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3½lb - 50mm 223g 365g RSL576-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ Sl’ive - 50mm 269g 400g RSL577-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 6” 3lb 6oz - 50mm 246g 386g RSL578-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 13’ 3½lb - 50mm 280g 402g RSL579-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 13’ Sl’ive - 50mm 308g 455g RSL580-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip


‘S’-Lite Full Cork

Model Blank g Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3lb Cork xxxg 331g RSL574FCF Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 40-12tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3lb Cork - 50mm xxxg 364g RSL574FCF-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3¼lb Cork - 50mm 200g 366g RSL575FCF-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ 3½lb Cork - 50mm 223g 399g RSL576FCF-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip
‘S’-Lite 12’ Sl’ive Cork - 50mm 269g 415g RSL577FCF-50 Fuji TVSM17 ‘S’-Lite BL 50-16tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

All ’S’-Lite models can be customised to individual requirements at a small additional cost.

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