River Tamer & Barbel Tamer
River Tamer & Barbel Tamer
River Tamer & Barbel Tamer
River Tamer & Barbel Tamer
River Tamer & Barbel Tamer

River Tamer & Barbel Tamer

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This new Tamer specialist series is built on ultra slim, lightweight blanks that feature a very distinctive carbon ‘X’-Tape along the length. A complex manufacturing process integrates Japanese carbons in 40t and 30t with resin contents below 25%. Wrapping alternately at 90 degrees and zero degrees for added strength, then further wrapping with 3mm bi-axis carbon tape at 45 degrees produces extremely strong yet ultra-light and slim blanks.

Utilising our ‘Perdurable’ blank finish, meaning no paint or lacquer applied after precision grinding so you can admire the quality of material for years to come. Now supplied with a  matt blank finish to help prevent ‘flash’ from the blank that could alert fish to your presence.

These Tamer rods are a must for the serious specialist and Barbel angler.

The River Tamer at 11’ suits the intimate side stream and for roving about and has an effective test curve of 1½lb and is supplied with a 2½ oz carbon quiver tip.

The Barbel Tamer 11’ model is rated at 2lb which makes an excellent rod for fishing in tight areas and when snag fishing hit and hold style – the shorter length helping to increase leverage to get fish away from structures quickly. Comes with a carbon quiver tip rated at 4oz.

The Barbel Tamer 12’ models are available in test curves of 1¾lb and 2¼lb. The lighter one is perfect as a general purpose Barbel and Chub rod but also suitable for Tench and Bream fishing whilst the heavier rod is suited more to the roaring flooded river or to long range Bream and Tench fishing. The 12’ 1¾lb is supplied with a 3oz carbon quiver tip whilst the 2¼lb has a 5oz carbon tip.

They are built with natural full cork handles and a Fuji DPS M16 reel seat, ‘S’-Lite guides and come with both an Avon section and a separate quiver top section with long push in quiver tip.

River Tamer & Barbel Tamer

Model Rod g* Rod g** Code Reel Seat Guides Quiver Tip
River Tamer 11’ 1½lb 180g 179g RBTM544 Fuji DPS-M16 ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip 2½oz Carbon
Barbel Tamer 11’ 2lb 197g 195g RBTM545 Fuji DPS-M16 ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip 4oz Carbon
Barbel Tamer 12’ 1¾lb 208g 207g RBTM556 Fuji DPS-M16 ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip 3oz Carbon
Barbel Tamer 12’ 2¼lb 239g xxxg RBTM547 Fuji DPS-M16 ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip 5oz Carbon

* With Avon top section fitted
** With Quiver top section fitted

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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