Launcher Spod & SPM Rods
Launcher Spod & SPM Rods
Launcher Spod & SPM Rods
Launcher Spod & SPM Rods
Launcher Spod & SPM Rods

Launcher Spod & SPM Rods


The Launcher rod blank utilises 40t carbons to give smooth, crisp actions, slim diameters and good weight, balance and feel. The blank is wrapped in a different cosmetic that we pioneered – an SEA-3k cloth that produces a rather unique blank look and feel. As with other rods in the Free Spirit ranges this has a ‘Perdurable’ finish meaning we do not cover the carbon with paints or lacquers designed to conceal any imperfections but rather ensure the blanks are finished and ground so you can admire the quality of material and finish.

As with all Free Spirit rods they are built on the spine which helps ensure they cast more accurately and last longer.

Finished with a Fuji DNPS-M20 reel seat, stainless steel collars and butt cap and shrink rubber / EVA butt grip and ‘S’-Lite guides, these rods are available in both 12’ and 13’ in three actions – the MRS (Multi-Range Spod), the LRS (Long Range Spod) and the SPM (formerly known as The Spomb™ Rod).

Launcher MRS being rated at 4lb is suitable for casting small to medium sized spods and the like and also the long range bait rocket. The lighter test curves makes this rod especially useful when fishing at shorter ranges – the rod can still be adequately compressed to maintain accuracy and also for casting on a lower trajectory to punch a spod under over-hanging tree canopies.

The Launcher LRS is the rated at 5lb and is the tool when big spods and the like are required to put a mass of bait out quickly. It also suits fishing at extreme ranges and is very powerful in the butt to middle section making it less suitable for distances under 60 yards.

The Launcher SPM (formerly The Spomb™ Rod) is perhaps a hybrid of the above two rods. The butt section is stiff like the LRS but the tip made very responsive to help turn the Spomb™ or spod over quicker and eliminate the wobble at the start of the cast and hence maximise casting distance and accuracy. The softness of the tip loads the rod quicker making baiting up effortless even at extreme ranges whether using boilies, pellets, particles or floaters.

The Launcher SPM blank is the very same blank we used to sell badged The SpombTM Rod. Being friends of Bryan and Judith Houghton we were granted a licence to use the name SpombTM. To achieve this action of making a very responsive tip that could turn over quicker was important to propel this device straight and without wobble – meaning longer and more accurate casts. This softer, more responsive tip also makes casting smaller bait-up devices much easier and makes for an excellent marker rod – the ‘M’ in SPM. Having achieved this feat we would not change a blank that was so trickly to develop in the first place. The decision to re-badge these rods to SPM was solely the result of Bryan and Judith selling the company and us deciding we no longer wanted to pay a royalty to a competitor.

Launcher Spod & SPM Rods

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Launcher MRS 12’ - 50mm xxxg MRS286-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Launcher LRS 12’ - 50mm 486g LRS285-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Launcher LRS 13’ - 50mm 559g LRS505-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Launcher SPM 12’ - 50mm 462g TSPM504-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Launcher SPM 13’ - 50mm 535g TSPM514-50 Fuji DNPS-M20 ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted above. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which adds to the rod’s weight.

Can be custom built to individual requirements

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