Landing  Net Handles, Arms & Meshes
Landing  Net Handles, Arms & Meshes
Landing  Net Handles, Arms & Meshes
Landing  Net Handles, Arms & Meshes
Landing  Net Handles, Arms & Meshes

Landing Net Handles, Arms & Meshes

Code: LSN

To cope with all situations we have made available separately handles, arms and meshes. It is then possible to add additional sets of arms in different sizes or if required by fishery owners extra sets of arms and mesh can be left at waters insisting that a net be used exclusively at their water, thus saving the expense of buying an additional handle.

Since Free Spirit Landing Net arms and handles are made from the same materials as the respective rod ranges they have a reputation for being strong and reliable and are used by many lake owners in the UK, France and Italy as permanent nets for hire or use by visiting anglers.


We have matching handles available in the usual 6’ one piece and in 8’ for all the carp rod ranges and in the case of the ‘S’ range a 9’6” two piece. The 8’ two piece is designed with carp and pike anglers in mind where platforms, high banks and near bank vegetation necessitates the use if a longer handle and is also useful when fishing longer zigs. They are also very useful when going afloat where the handle can be broken down to 4’ and laid across the gunwales and fish can be brought securely back to the bank.

The 9’ 6” versions were principally designed for specialist anglers when fishing for Barbel, Tench and Bream when combined with the 36” arms and mesh. They have found great favour with carp anglers who zig fish due to the better reach when fishing deeper lakes. These combined with the Carp Extension pieces make the task much easier. Fish can be landed much quicker and easier with the longer reach afforded by these two piece handles.

Landing Net Handles

Model Code Sections Length
Hi-‘S’ Net 6’ Handle XHN480/HAND6 1 6’
Hi-‘S’ Net 8’ Handle XHN480/HAND8 2 8’
‘S’ Net 6’ Handle XSN492/HAND6 1 6’
‘S’ Net 8’ Handle XSN492/HAND8 2 8’
‘S’ Net 9’6” Handle XSN492/HAND96 2 9’6”
‘S’-Lite Net 6’ Handle XSLN587/HAND6 1 6’
‘S’-Lite Net 8’ Handle XSLN587/HAND8 2 8’
‘E’- Net 6’ Handle XEN561/HAND6 1 6’
‘E’- Net 8’ Handle XEN561/HAND8 2 8’
CTX Net 6’ Handle XTNM560/HAND6 1 6’
CTX Net 8’ Handle XTNM560/HAND8 2 8’


Available separately in 36” for the roving, specialist or river angler, or 42” for those who prefer the traditional sized carp net, in 46” as preferred by many of us who fish abroad where bigger Carp, Pike or Sturgeon can be encountered and 55” for Cats and big Pike. Manufactured from the same carbons as the respective rod ranges and featuring stainless steel fittings for strength, the net cord can be replaced easily.

Landing Net Arms

Model Code Sections Length
Hi-‘S’ Net 42” Arms XHN480/ARMS42 Pair 42”
Hi-‘S’ Net 46” Arms XHN480/ARMS46 Pair 46”
‘S’ Net 36” Arms XSN492/ARMS36 Pair 36”
‘S’ Net 42” Arms XSN492/ARMS42 Pair 42”
‘S’ Net 46” Arms XSN492/ARMS46 Pair 46”
‘S’ Net 55” Arms XSN492/ARMS55 Pair 55”
‘S’-Lite Net 42” Arms XSLN587/ARMS42 Pair 42”
‘S’-Lite Net 46” Arms XSLN587/ARMS46 Pair 46”
‘E’- Net 42” Arms XEN561/ARMS42 Pair 42”
‘E’- Net 46” Arms XEN561/ARMS46 Pair 46”
CTX Net 42” Arms XTNM560/ARMS42 Pair 42”
CTX Net 46” Arms XTNM560/ARMS46 Pair 46”


Available as replacement meshes or to use in conjunction with the separate arms for additional landing net head combinations. Olive green to blend in and with green sack material at the top for added strength. Prior to packing the meshes are washed to ensure they are very soft thus preventing them from dislodging scales or causing redness.

Available in both shallow and deep sizes – the shallow being around 80cm deep and fitted with a triangular base whilst the deep has a pan base and is just over 1m deep - useful when fishing off high banks and platforms to retain the fish whilst getting scales and camera ready.

The 36” has a wider mesh for the upper part for easier use in water currents where this is less likely to be dragged by the flows. All the meshes will fit each range of landing net arms of the corresponding size.

Landing Net Meshes

Model Code Style Depth
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 36” LSN242M36 River 70cm
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 42” Deep LSN242M42 Deep 100cm
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 42” Shallow LSN242M42S Shallow 80cm
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 46” Deep LSN242M46 Deep 100cm
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 46” Shallow LSN242M46S Shallow 80cm
The ‘S’ Net Mesh 55” Deep LSN242M55 Deep 100cm

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