Hi-‘S’ Special Power Floats
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Floats
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Floats

Hi-‘S’ Special Power Floats

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Using the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the rest of the Hi-‘S’ range, these float rods are extremely light to hold but are a joy to use all day. The carbon doesn’t soften perceptibly so will stay strong for many, many years with no change in action.

The ultra slim blanks are designed with specialist fishing in mind, hence the 12’ and 13’ models being made in two pieces and the 15’ in three pieces. This makes for better actions to control large fish in currents or under the rod top since we believe the action flows better through the blank and the power transmission is smoother.

For those fishing smaller, more intimate rivers or when space is confined by bankside vegetation we offer the Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 10’ model. This is especially useful when targeting hard fighting species like Chub and Barbel since the shorter length means greater leverage and less carbon for fish to bend in attempts to reach snags. These can also be used when fishing commercials for Carp with wagglers.

The Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 12’ makes an excellent tool for Stillwater Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd and Crucians. Being very light, this is a joy to hold all day and with sensitive tip and power in the mid to butt has a progressive build-up of power helping to prevent your quarry reaching a snag and help with extracting it should it do so.

The Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 13’ is a great all-rounder, at home when targeting species in lakes and rivers, for quarry such as Tench, Bream and Crucians or Chub, Barbel and Grayling. Suitable for fishing the stick at close ranges and the waggler and ideal for trotting the pellet waggler for Barbel when dragging the bottom over-depth to make bait presentation more natural.

Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 15’ was designed with flowing water in mind. Being very light for its 15’ length, it can be held for long periods when trotting for species like Chub, Barbel and Grayling many of the time whilst wading or standing in the water. The additional length gives greater control when mending the line whilst trotting the stick or for casting longer distances with a waggler, or when slider float fishing. We have customers that use this rod to target Carp in canals and channels and even trotting for Steelhead from boats.

Built with ‘A’ grade full cork handles, matching Clone 1k reel seat and ‘S’-Lite guides and featuring our ‘Perdurable’ finish.

Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float Rods

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 10’- 2 piece 136xg HSS527 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 10 + tip
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 12’- 2 piece 173g HSS354 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 11 + tip
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 13’- 2 piece 187g HSS403 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 11 + tip
Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 15’- 3 piece xxxg HSS425 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 12 + tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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