Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters
Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters
Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters
Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters
Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters

Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters

Code: HSS5

These rods have been developed in both the Hi-‘S’ and Barbel Tamer ranges offering both the top end and more affordable options. Over the past two years Shaun Harrison has been heavily involved in the development of these and like many of our testers is more than a bit demanding to ensure actions and performance are as good as we can make them.

In recent years catching Barbel in winter has become increasingly popular especially in powerful rivers such as the Trent and Wye. One of the challenges is coping with long casting and heavy water flows with the use of feeders and gripper leads of 8oz and more necessary for effective bait presentation.

Since it is necessary to have good bite registration the very tip of the rod needs to be sensitive. The way the tip reacts with the flow is critical - the rod top needs to ‘nod’ in the current to prevent the lead or feeder being dislodged. The action required is different from a carp blank, even though the test curves may be similar so we felt it necessary to develop specific rods for the purpose rather than offer ‘re-badged’ carp rods.

When the river is in spate condition there are obstructions and floating debris to contend with so rods are fished with the tip high in the air to reduce the drag on the line. We offer these rods in 12’ but also 13’ to help get the tip up as high as possible.

All rods feature the same Hi-‘S’ carbons, ‘Perdurable’ finish and Clone 1k seat built in between ‘A’ grade cork fore grip and rear handle. Guides are black framed ‘S’-Lites with both 30mm and long range 40mm versions available. A full custom build is available on these.

Finally a word from Julian Barnes about the HW’s “Last session of the season on the Tidal Trent, 45 mph winds, heavy rain, sleet and snow.  Nearly gave up after 3 sections and 4 swims but finally found fish and had nine, 5 singles, doubles at 10-07, 11-09 (in the snow), 12-02 and this magnificent fish at 16-08. The rods are awesome!!” Thanks Julian

Hi-‘S’ Heavy Waters

Model Blank g. Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-’S’ 12’ HW - 30mm 163g xxxg HSS569 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
Hi-’S’ 12’ HW - 40mm 163g xxxg HSS569-40 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-’S’ 13’ HW - 30mm 198g 333g HSS570 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
Hi-’S’ 13’ HW - 40mm 198g xxxg HSS570-40 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip

Rods can be built to individual specification.

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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