Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods

Hi-‘S’ Carp Rods

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Needing little introduction the range of Hi-‘S carp rods have become iconic. Utilising the very best quality Japanese low resin 40t carbon and adding an attractive 1k weave these rods have been incredibly popular since their release.

Blanks are very slim, light but powerful aiding poor casters and the more capable alike. Since the tip diameter is very slim these actions are semi-fast with stiffer mid to butt sections – this makes the end of the top section lighter so aiding the recovery following the unloading of the blank during casting. This lack of tip bounce makes for more accurate cast and longer distances since friction is reduced. It also makes the tip ultra-responsive thus aiding fish playing.

Lowering the resin content combined with using the best quality Japanese carbons means the resin pockets are much smaller and better dispersed through the blank making it virtually immune to the softening process common in rods made with inferior carbons.

The blanks are finished in a 1k weave for the length of the rod and are precision ground to take weight out of the very tip since this carbon is heavier than the main blank material. As is usual with Free Spirit rods we don’t add any paint or lacquer and call this our ‘Perdurable’ finish making the rod look good for many years.

Complementing the blank material we fit a Hi-S- Clone reel seat made from the same carbon as the rod and this transmits more feel through the blank to aid leading about and finding features or avoiding weed and debris.

These rods are hand built in the UK to our exacting standards with full custom build available. We also offer standard builds in Full Cork, Full EVA and Full Shrink.

H-‘S’ Carp Rods

Model Blank g. Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 2½lb 172g 286g RHS349 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 3lb 191g 321g RHS100 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 3lb - 50mm 191g 338g RHS100-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 3½lb 214g 335g RHS101 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 3½lb - 50mm 214g 353g RHS101-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 6” 3¼lb 218g 343g RHS401 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 6” 3¼lb - 50mm 218g 361g RHS401-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 6” 3½lb xxxg 349g RHS485 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 6” 3½lb - 50mm xxxg 366g RHS485-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 13’ 3½lb 243g 373g RHS350 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip
Hi-‘S’ 13’ 3½lb - 50mm 243g 390g RHS350-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ive 12’ - 50mm 252g 373g RHS427-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ive 12’ ER - 50mm 240g 372g RHS520-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ive 13’ - 50mm 299g 425g RHS439-50 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

As seen in the table there are two Hi-‘S’ive 12’ rods. The original ‘ive is stiffer in the tip and makes an excellent long range bag rod. We felt that the range was missing a rod with action more akin to the 13’ Hi-‘S’ive which is softer and more responsive in the upper part of the top section. This helps with casting smaller leads and also with the use of lighter lines to gain maximum distance. The result was the addition of the Hi-‘S’ive 12’ ER to the range – ‘ER’ standing for Extra Responsive.

We offer a range of matching shorter carp rods, stalking and surface rods, SPM, spod and marker rods and landing nets.

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