Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods

Hi-‘S’ Black Edition Carp Rods

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To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Free Spirit Fishing we released the ‘XX’ Black Limited Edition carrying the ‘XX’ logo and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Only available to order in 2020 and limited to just 10 models this rod still proved incredibly popular. For this reason we will offer a new Black Edition across a wider range of the Hi-‘S’ family (but not supplied with Certificates or Unique ‘XX’ logo).

The rods features a black version of the 1k clone reel seat, black Acetile butt cap and collars, matt black framed ‘S’-Lite main guides and black framed anti-frap tip guide. Whipped in black with black tipping above the logo the rods weigh around 30g lighter than the standard Hi-‘S’ due to these changes in fittings.

The blanks feature the trusted Hi-‘S’ carbons with Japanese Low Resin (resin content below 20%) and 40t modulus and finished with an attractive 1k weave the length of the rod. All rods are assembled in the UK to our exacting standards and guides mounted on the spine of the rod to help prevent twisting during the cast, facilitate more accurate casting and prolong the life of the blank through less stress caused by the blank trying to re-align to the spine.

All blanks are precision ground to produce a smooth, attractive cosmetic finish and feature our ‘Perdurable’ blank finish – meaning there is no paint or lacquer on the blank so the rod looks great for many years of service.

The Black Editions are available with abbreviated handles, full cork, full EVA or full shrink and can be custom built on any of our Hi-‘S’ range. If you like the look of the Black Editions but want a bespoke rod we carry aim to all these components in stock.

The Matrix of rods below shows some examples of the range we will offer. We plan to have available builds for all models of Hi-‘S’ including the shorter carp and stalking rods, SPM, Spod and Marker rods and even Hi-‘S’ landing nets. For more information please refer to the Hi-‘S’ product pages and ask your local Free Spirit stockist for details.

Hi-‘S’ Black Edition

Example Models Blank g. Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-‘S’ 10’ 3¼lb 146g 238g RHS487-40BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 10’ 3½lb xxxg xxxg RHS459-40BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 11’ 3½lb xxxg xxxg RHS490-40BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 3½lb 214g 321g RHS101-50BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 12’ 6” 3¼lb 218g 330g RHS401-50BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 13’ 3½lb 243g 356g RHS350-50BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ive 12’ ER 250g 343g RHS520-50BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ive 13’ 299g 397g RHS439-50BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 200 13’ 293g 397g RHS200-13BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT
Hi-‘S’ 220 13’ 343g 442g RHS220-13BE Clone BL ‘S’-Lite BL/Kigan AFT

For more details of use, performance and casting weights please click the main Hi-‘S’ menu.

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted above.

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