Hi-‘S’ Barbel & Specialist Rods
Hi-‘S’ Barbel & Specialist Rods
Hi-‘S’ Barbel & Specialist Rods
Hi-‘S’ Barbel & Specialist Rods

Hi-‘S’ Barbel & Specialist Rods

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Utilising the ultra high modulus 40t low resin carbon the Hi-S’ Special & Barbel range are incredibly light for their given power. Designed to cope with the demanding needs of the modern specialist angler - these rods can be held all day if necessary.

The material used helps ‘transmit’ much more feel through the blank and the addition of our clone reel seat, made of the same material as the rod, further aids this sensation. Finished with our ‘Perdurable’ blank finish to keep them looking good for many years of faithful service.

The rods feature full cork ‘A’ grade handles and stainless steel fittings with ‘S’-Lite guides. The range has been designed to cope with all manner of fishing situations:

The Hi-‘S’ Special Small Water at 11’ is great for roving around catching Chub, Roach and even Barbel on little streams and rivers and also great fun as an ultralight rod for stalking carp in open water. Despite being light this blank has some power when needed – testified by some German customers who use these exclusively for carp and have landed these well in excess of 30kg (66lb).

The Hi-‘S’ Special 12’ SU (Stepped-Up) is actually a heavier version of the 11’ hence the name. Having more power in the butt to middle makes it capable of heavier work than the Small Water – being suitable to Tench or Bream Feeder fishing or float work for big specimens.

The Barbel Seeker has long been a favourite in the ‘S’-Range and we have regularly been asked for an all-rounder in the Hi-‘S’ range. After much testing we have released the Hi-‘S’ Barbel, with a test curve around 2lb, the tip is faster for casting and bite detection. Power down the middle and butt sections help control in weedy conditions or faster flows. If you are looking for one rod to suit all but the harshest of conditions then this is it.

The Hi-‘S’ Special Big Water is the rod for fishing large rivers or flood water when bigger leads or feeders are needed to hold bottom or where you need to cast distances to reach fish. For this reason it also makes a great long range Tench and Bream feeder rod.

Hi-‘S’ Specials & Barbel

Model Blank g. Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-’S’ Special 11’ Small Water 98g 240g HSS352 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip
Hi-’S’ Special 12’ SU xxxg 246g HSS353 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 25-8tip
Hi-’S’ Special 12’ Barbel 148g 303g HSS568 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
Hi-’S’ Special 12’ Big Water 155g 282g HSS440 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip

Rods can be built to individual specification.

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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