Hi-‘S’ 200 & 220 Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ 200 & 220 Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ 200 & 220 Carp Rods
Hi-‘S’ 200 & 220 Carp Rods

Hi-‘S’ 200 & 220 Carp Rods

Code: RHS200

We set out (some would say foolishly) to produce a rod capable of casting in excess of 200 yards with a baited rig but that had the taper, look and feel of a normal carp rod. The result after considerable testing was the Hi-‘S’ 200.

Built from the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the other Hi-‘S’ blanks these rods have a crisp, smooth action with no ‘snatch’ – yet are still light and slim with a very fast recovery to eliminate tip bounce that cuts down distance. With the benefit of comparatively soft tip they are still capable of playing fish without the risk of hook pulls.

The newer Hi-‘S’ 220 is capable of even greater distances in the right hands and is the tool of choice for many teams competing in national and international carp fishing events.

Only available as a 13’ rod we produced the Hi-‘S’ 220 on a new mandrel to make the butt stiffer and the tip diameter less than the Hi-‘S 200 13’. Critically this makes the end of the tip lighter and faster giving the rod quicker loading and unloading speeds. This also allows the use of smaller leads to push similar distances to the Hi-‘S’ 200 which requires a bigger lead to load the blank. This also makes the tip finer for fish playing and makes the use of finer diameter lines possible.

Deciding which rod is right for you of these two 13’ distance models comes down to individual choice – however we would recommend people choose the Hi-‘S’ 200 if they want a rod that will stand up to lots of abuse or for fishing is harsh terrains – the 220 is a more refined and ultimately more capable tool but must be treated with a bit of respect.

As with all rods and especially extreme range tools, care must be taken during the cast to avoid tip wraps or column loading (where the line goes around the first intermediate guide) to prevent damage or breakage of the top section just below the tip. This part is actually under almost no pressure during the cast since the lower part of the top section and the butt provide the power. However any wrap, especially one involving a braided leader will almost certainly break the end of the tip section.

These rods are commonly custom built since it becomes more critical for handle lengths to be tailored to the individual’s requirement.


Model Blank g. Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
Hi-‘S’ 200 12’ - 50mm 275g 425g RHS200-12 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 200 13’ - 50mm 293g 418g RHS200-13 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip
Hi-‘S’ 220 13’ - 50mm 343g 468g RHS220-13 Clone 1k ‘S’-Lite 50-16tip

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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