‘E’-Net Landing Nets
‘E’-Net Landing Nets
‘E’-Net Landing Nets
‘E’-Net Landing Nets

‘E’-Net Landing Nets

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The ‘E’-Net went through a recent re-design with a change to the block making the net lighter to use and we added 8’ versions for those wanting matching net for their ‘E’-Class carp rods including those suitable for boat work.

Many of Free Spirit’s consultants and users prefer longer landing net handles than the traditional 6’ when zig fishing or merely to reach further to land fish quicker or deal with bankside or margin vegetation. The new additions to the ‘E’-Net range provide this option.

Please note we are also changing the design of the pins that go into the handle to incorporate stainless sleeves that are fitted over the carbon for additional strength. The picture showing the these new arms will be updated shortly.

‘E’-Net Landing Nets

Model Code Handle Arms
E’-Net Landing Net 6’ 42” XEN561-6042 6’ 42”
‘E’-Net Landing Net 6’ 46” XEN561-6046 6’ 46”
‘E’-Net Landing Net 8’ 42” XEN561-8042 8’ 42”
‘E’-Net Landing Net 8’ 46” XEN561-8046 8’ 42”

The ‘E’-Nets can be customised to suit. These are supplied with a deep mesh as standard with a shallow mesh available on request or as a separate order.

Landing net handles, arms and meshes are all available separately.

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