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‘E’-Class Compact Carp, Surface & Stalking Rods
‘E’-Class Compact Carp, Surface & Stalking Rods
‘E’-Class Compact Carp, Surface & Stalking Rods
‘E’-Class Compact Carp, Surface & Stalking Rods

‘E’-Class Compact Carp, Surface & Stalking Rods

Code: RSC292

The blank utilises 40t carbons to give smooth, crisp actions, slim diameters and good weight, balance and feel. The blank is wrapped in a different cosmetic that we pioneered – an SEA-3k cloth that produces a rather unique blank look and feel. As with other rods in the Free Spirit ranges this has a ‘Perdurable’ finish meaning we do not cover the carbon with paints or lacquers designed to conceal any imperfections but rather ensure the blanks are finished and ground so you can admire the quality of material and finish.

The standard build of the ‘E’ Class is with full EVA handle with the 10’ 3lb being also available with an abbreviated handle. Both are furnished with stainless steel fittings and Fuji DPS 18 reel seats.

We offer a custom build service should you wish to have a different build.

The ‘E’-Class Surface Creeper 11’ is ideal for fishing small controllers or for free-lining light baits in the margins and at short range. It is also capable of fishing at ranges up to around 80 yards with the right setup and casting heavier controllers of around 40g to 50g. The action of this rod sits between the Hi-‘S’ and the ‘S’ Range being stiffer than the latter but not quite as tippy as the Hi-‘S’

The ‘E’ Class Margin Creeper is a two piece 8’ 6” rod, making it ideal to keep in the boot of a car for those opportunistic moments. Its shorter length makes it ideal for fishing tight spots. The test curve is around 2¾lb.

The ‘E’ Class Tree Creeper is 6’ one piece and designed for hit and hold fishing in hard to reach spots such as under trees and right up against margin snags. The rod has an effective test curve of 3lb but being only 6’ long has a tremendous amount of leverage and power.

The ‘E’-Class 10’ Compact Carp Rods are available in test curves of 2½lb and 3lb. Formerly known as the Bank Creeper and Bank Creeper SU these now carry their text curves although the blanks have not changed. The 3lb model is available with full EVA handle and also with abbreviated handle (this latter was known as the Boat Carp).

‘E’-Class Surface Rod

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘E’ Class 11’ Surface Creeper 262g RSC292 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip

‘E’-Class Compact Carp Rods

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘‘E’-Class 10’ 2½lb* xxxg RBC291 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
‘E’-Class 10’ 3lb** 292g RBC426 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
‘E’-Class 10’ 3lb ABB*** 288g RBC424AB Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
‘E’-Class 10’ 3lb-40 ABB*** 298g RBC424AB-40 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 40-12tip

‘E’-Class Stalking Rods

Model Rod g Code Reel Seat Guides
‘E’-Class 8’ 6”’ Margin Creeper 239g RMC290 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-10tip
‘E’-Class 6’ Tree Creeper 187g RTC289 Fuji DPS-M18 ‘S’-Lite 30-12tip

*Formerly Badged Bank Creeper

**Formerly Badged Bank Creeper SU

***Formerly Badged Boat Carp

Blank and rod weights may vary slightly from those quoted. We use stainless steel collars and butt caps for durability which will add a little to the rod’s overall weight but being on the handle should not adversely affect its balance.

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