CTX Landing Nets
CTX Landing Nets
CTX Landing Nets

CTX Landing Nets

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Since the launch of the CTX carp rods we have always planned to add landing nets to compliment the range and, indeed, have been getting three of four requests per day to do so.

As with all our landing nets the CTX range is made from the same quality carbons as the rod range and with ‘Perdurable’ finish. The Bi-Axis carbon finish runs the length of the landing net handle producing a highly attractive finish and the addition of the newly developed light weight stainless steel block finishes these nicely.

The handle has one extra-long piece of shrink rubber grip on the 6’ and 8’ with the latter having grips either side of the joint and the top of the handle to aid taking it apart or removing the arms. Supplied with the ‘S’-Net deep mesh with a shallow mesh available separately.

Available in 6’ handle and 8’ two piece handle with the option of 42” or 46” arms.

Now featuring the matt tape blank finish to match the CTX rod range from 2020 onwards. Please note we are also changing the design of the pins that go into the handle to incorporate stainless sleeves that are fitted over the carbon for additional strength. The picture showing the these new arms will be updated shortly.

CTX Landing Nets

Model Code Handle Arms
CTX Net 6’ 42” XTNM560-4042 6’ 42”
CTX Net 6’ 46” XTNM560-6046 6’ 46”
CTX Net 8’ 42” XTNM560-8042 8’ 42”
CTX Net 8’ 46” XTNM560-8046 8’ 46”

Landing net handles, arms and meshes are all available separately.

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