Casting Finger Stall

Casting Finger Stall

Code: CG0

Since we are known for our casting rods and with Mark Hutchinson and other consultants actively teaching casting techniques for extreme ranges it was logical for us to develop a finger stall. This needed to be hard wearing and ensure it would protect the casting finger from the harshest of braids yet be soft enough to not impair the feel of the cast.

After several prototypes we took these to Parco del Brenta where to keep the action going requires a lot of spodding! The final prototypes lasted a whole week of almost continuous use and were ready to launch.

The design features soft leather on the finger with a breathable meshed material on the back. Lightweight for comfort and can be used either right handed or left handed.

The standard casting finger stall comes with a blue stripe on the back. Also available is one with a reflective strip on the back to help locate it at night with the aid of a headtorch.

Please remember to fully lock the drag on your reels prior to casting to avoid a nasty cut especially when using braid.

Casting Finger Stall

Model Code Size Style
Casting Finger Stall Standard - Medium CG01-M Medium Standard
Casting Finger Stall Standard - Large CG01-L Large Standard
Casting Finger Stall Reflective - Medium CG02-M Medium Reflective
Casting Finger Stall Reflective - Large CG02-L Large Reflective

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