Sophie Catching at Gillhams Fishing Resorts

Posted on 3rd Oct 2019 13:37:51 by Admin
Sophie Catching at Gillhams Fishing Resorts

Today is our last day at Gillhams Fishing Resorts so Sophie decided her and Mum have a match on the top lake 1 rod each fish next to each other and i was there guide for the day well in true Sophie form she started off like a boss first cast with in seconds she had a pacu on we got that in and mum hadn’t even caught one she put the rod out again another pacu was running away with it. After 20-30 minutes mum was off the mark with a pacu. Few minutes later Sophies rod was off again as her rod went her mums ripped off double hook up Sophie had a beautiful Julians carp and mum had a pacu it was relentless. Sophie caught a few more pacu and was starting to run away with the match by this time it was around 5-2 to Sophie but mum came back with a beautiful hovens carp that was a cracker of a fish.

Sophie decided to be a little bit sneaky and walked one up the margin dropped it in real close put a load of pellets over it and waited. I knew what she was up to she was after a redtail catfish. 20 minutes later the rod was off running her round the lake it went under mums rod and done her under a snag we had to get a guide to go in and get it out for her and we landed the fish she was pleased. By this time it was 9-4 to Sophie as she caught a few more pacu aswell. But Mum wasn’t finished yet she put one in close after watching Sophie waited no longer than 10 minutes and she caught a redtail aswell she was so pleased with herself as she’s been here before with me and always wanted to catch a redtail catfish because she thinks there beautiful and lost one 6 years ago her wish came true.

Sophie won the match 9-5 in the end and mum got a masterclass from kid dynamite