We take great care to establish that all parts of product are finished to the majority of customers’ requirements but realise that this does not suit everyone. Therefore we offer a full custom building service should you require it to ensure handle lengths and other factors are perfect for you. This ensures you get the right product tailored to your individual needs.


All the Hi-‘S’ and ‘S’ range rods are hand built in the UK. We have some of the best rod builders in the country with many years of experience assembling rods to our exact requirement. I addition to these ranges we can custom build ‘specials’ on the vast majority of the Hi-‘S’ and ‘S’ Range but also those in the ‘S’-Lite and ‘E’-Class ranges and materials.

We will be adding a section to the site showing Custom Builds and also a tool for Designing your own custom look shortly.


Free Spirit Fishing designs and develops all its own blanks so these are excusive to us. We use only the best of carbons available - from Japan for the Hi-‘S’, ‘S’ Range, ‘S’-Lite and CTX and from Korea in the case of the ‘E’-Class and Pike Tamers. We are told by our carbon supplier that we are the only company utilising Japanese carbons for rods manufactured in China (CTX Range). In the case of the ‘E’-Class – the SEA-3k carbon had never been used for fishing rods prior to us developing blanks using this material.

In addition we have developed our own reel seats, cork handles, EVA and other fittings to offer extensive choice. Free Spirit pioneered the ‘Perdurable’ blank finish at a time when all rods were heavily painted and lacquered and has established a certain look for its ranges of rods – one that has defined the appearance of the modern and carp and specialist rod.