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The 'S' Series

The 'S'  Series Photo

Model Code Reel seat Guides-S-LitesT
The 'S' Specialist 12' RBS107 3k Clone Seat/isotope 25/20/16/12/10/10/8/8/8 & 8 tip
The Barbel 'S' 11' S.U. RBS404 3k Clone Seat/isotope 25/20/16/12/10/10/8/8/8 & 8 tip
The Barbel 'S' 12' S.U. RBS228 3k Clone Seat/isotope 25/20/16/12/10/10/8/8/8 & 8 tip
The Big River Barbel 12' RBR108 3k Clone Seat/isotope 25/20/16/12/10/10/8/8/8 & 8 tip
Quiver Top Section incl. 3 tips* RBS229 fits Big River & Barbel 'S' 12' 16/12/10/8/6/6 + tips
Quiver Top Section incl. 3 tips* RBS405 fits Barbel 'S' 11' 16/12/10/8/6/6 + tips

Quiver Tops from £79.99
Full EVA available to order. * 2oz glass, 2½oz carbon and 3oz carbon in black finish and other tips from 1½oz glass to 8 oz carbon also available.

Using our ultra high modulus 36t Low Resin Carbon insures these blanks are among the slimmest, lightest and most responsive around. The 'S' Series covers all specialist applications on lakes and rivers and combines the very best of modern materials and technology with the traditional cork build. The blank material being of very Low Resin content helps transmit much more feel through the blank and when combined with the Clone reel seat made from the same material giving better bite detection.

The 'S' Specialist has been developed with tench, bream and chub in mind, whilst the Barbel 'S' is primarily designed as a multi task barbel rod and comes in 11' and 12' models. The Big River Barbel being more 'tippy' will cope with river in spate and big barbel, but also makes an excellent long-range tench and bream rod, especially for chucking big method feeders and PVA bags. Quiver top sections are available separately for the Barbel 'S' s and Big River Barbel rods.


The 'S' Series

Steve Pope Photo

"If you've ever wondered just what the perfect Barbel rod would look like, then wonder no more because Free Spirit's Barbel 'S' comes as close as you are ever likely to get! A very bold statement I hear you say but this rod pretty well has it all. Twelve feet of pure class in two sections of ultra slim but extremely strong specially woven carbon unique to Free Spirit, with a full cork handle, essential as far as I'm concerned, this rod is aesthetically pleasing and an absolute joy to use. Its lightness belies the hidden power that will land you that double figure Barbel, and its sensitivity will make playing a five pounder equally enthralling".

"It's always difficult when waxing lyrical about a Barbel rod, I'm only too aware that one man's meat etc…. but what can I say; this rod goes a long way to dispel that old chestnut and if you are looking for a top of the range rod that will cope with room to spare in most situations, then this is the one you need; and the really good news is you do not have to break the bank to own one!...I guarantee you will not be disappointed".

Steve Pope - Chairman Barbel Society