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Landing Net Combinations & Components

The handles, arms and components are available separately for all our landing net ranges. The new Hi-‘S’ Net and new ‘S’ Net feature the same block and arm pins so can be interchanged to suit. It is then possible to have one handle and two or more sets of arms of different sizes to suit different species or conditions.


Landing Net Handles

Available in the original 6' length in all ranges and 8' two-piece in the Hi-‘S’ and ‘S’ Range and the ‘S’ Range 9'6" two-piece. The 8' two-piece is designed with carp and pike anglers in mind where platforms, high banks and near bank vegetation necessitates the use of a longer handle. The 9'6" is superb for the specialist angler when fishing for Barbel, Tench and Bream when combined with the 36" arms and mesh. Both two-piece handles feature shrink rubber grips to make un-shipping the sections easy even with wet hands.

'S'-Net Handles Photo

  Model Code
  Hi-‘S’ - 6’ Handle XHN480/HAND-6
  Hi-‘S’ - 8’ Two Piece Handle XHN480/HAND-8
  ‘S’ - 6’ Handle XSN492/HAND-6
  ‘S’ - 8’ Two Piece Handle XSN492/HAND-8
  ‘S’ - 9’ 6” Two Piece Handle XSN492/HAND-96
  ‘E’ - 6’ Handle XEN312/HAND-6

Please note block not included

 Hi 'S' Net

 'S' Net

Hi s and s net block

 Landing Net Arms

Now available separately in 36" for the roving, specialist or river angler, 42" for those who prefer the traditional length carp net, 46" as offered on our standard nets or 55" for cats and big pike. Manufactured from the same carbons as the rod ranges.

  Range Model Code
  Hi-'S' 42" Arms XHN480/ARMS42
  Hi-'S' 46" Arms XHN480/ARMS46
  'S' 36" Arms XSN492/ARMS36
  'S' 42" Arms XSN492/ARMS42
  'S' 46" Arms XSN492/ARMS46
  'S' 55" Arms XSN492/ARMS55
  'E' 46" Arms XEN312/ARMS46

Landing Net Meshes

Landing Net Meshes Photo

Available as replacement meshes or to use in conjunction with the separate arms for additional landing net head combinations. Olive green to blend in with green sack material at the top and all soft Hex mesh to be light when wet. Available in both shallow and deep meshes, the shallow is 80cm deep to the pan base and suits those wanting light weight meshes whilst the deep is 120cm deep for use on platforms or when you want to retain fish in the edge while sorting out scales and camera.

  Model Code
  36" LSN242M36
  42" Shallow LSN242M42S
  42" Deep LSN242M42
  46" Shallow LSN24246S
  46" Deep LSN2424M46
  50" Shallow LSN242M50S
  50" Deep LSN242M50
  55" LSN242M55