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The Green House
& Tree House

Some of you may have seen at various times over the last four years prototypes of a radically new shelter we have been developing. Originally the idea of Gary Peet with first prototype made by 'Scruffy Bob' we wanted the convenient and fast set-up and break-down of a conventional brolly with protection normally associated with a bivvy. The concept has now finally been realised in the Green House and Tree House.

Essentially the design centres around an enlarged brolly with 60" side ribs and 68" front ribs and incorporating an aerospace aluminium pole creating a dome like front giving much greater protection and visibility. With three break points in the pole this remains in place and can be set up and broken down very swiftly folding up with the brolly. This results in the coverage normally associated with a bivvy but with the speed and convenience of a brolly and will still fit in compact swims. This versatile system suits the vast majority of conditions and is very stable in bad weather. We use high quality 210d poly oxford with a guaranteed minimum 5000mm hydrostatic head (waterproof rating). We have taken great care to ensure water does not pool on top or come forward over the front since the brolly shape guides the water down the sides and the addition of a rain baffle adds extra security.

Tree House & Green House Bivvie Photo

The Green House and Tree House Deluxe versions come with a full front infill panel with door, removable centre window made from TPU that will not crack in cold weather and mosquito mesh side panels. The front can be totally removed or rolled up in the centre and sides allowing full visibility. It also comes with a heavy duty PVC groundsheet that features a porch extension with Velcro fastening and the seam prevents water from running into the brolly. This can be removed if desired. Two storm poles and 16 quality steel 'T' pegs in deluxe bag are included. In addition to the centre boss made from anodised aluminium we provide an extra plastic boss with guy rope attachment should you need to use guy ropes for added security. So as not to lose the security nut in the centre we provide a pocket hanging from the ribs to keep this during transit.

The Green House Standard is for those more mobile anglers and comes with all the above except the infill panel and groundsheet Even without the infill this provides superb protection from the elements and is extremely quick to set-up and break down. Please note there is no zip for an infill in the Standard version. A heavy duty PVC groundsheet is available separately for the Standard version.

On both products the storm poles are tensioned against webbed pockets and can be fitted either straight downwards in the normal position or angled forwards. There is also a Mosquito Front (sold separately), which fits over the front pole with clips and elastic and can therefore be used on both the Standard and Deluxe versions. Both systems are supplied in a quality nylon bag with re-enforced ends and carry handles and will pack down into a standard size quiver for transport.

We offer the deluxe pegs and a replacement window separately should you need to replace these and carry a full range of spare parts.

This unique product truly bridges the gap between bivvy and brolly offering advantages over both conventional systems

Assembly Photographys

  Model Code
  Carpy Tree House Deluxe BTH447
  Spirit Green House Deluxe BGH449
  Spirit Green House BGH450
  Spirit Mosquito Front BGH449/INF
  Spirit Heavy Duty PVC Groundsheet BGH454/GS
  Heavy Duty 'T' Pegs x 16 (PVC Bag) BGH455/PEGS
  Replacement TPU Clear Window BGH456/WIN